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For a while now, I've been working on a warehouse management system (WMS) on my business website As I'm finally done, I thought I'd share the good news with those who visit this site. Please take a look at shift8WMS and share with your friends! Shift8WMS is a user friendly, web based warehousing system for small businesses. The goal is to provide inexpensive but excellent products to small business owners. I think visiting shift8 will give you a more complete understanding so check it out!

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Mapping (made-up) Shipping Data

I'm reading Ben Fry's book Visualizing Data and having some serious fun with mapping. I invented some shipping data (from my home state of Ohio to the other 50) and then put it on a map of the US using some of Ben's example code. I didn't manage to get the animated version to work on the site, but it's still pretty... If you're interested, let me know and I'll pass along the code. Below is an example of the output. Love to hear your thoughts.


Shipping Map


Stock widget...

I’ve been thinking a lot about dashboards recently and wanted to use processing to create a “stock tool” – something to grab real-time stock data for a company and display it in an interesting way. Take a look here