SAPeedie... for free

I've decided to give away my portable SAPeedie app for SAP testing. It's a simple enough windows app, but below is the extract from the help file. I haven't spent much time on it recently, so please be aware that I'm not going to provide active support. However, I'll post answers to questions if enough people have issues, so feel free to share your experience... Here is the link (V2.2)

Sapeedie is a tool I developed to aid in SAP testing. The program simplifies actions that I found tedious and repetitive and includes the standard windows keyboard shortcuts that are missing in SAP.

Quick Shortcuts: Control + N - open a new session Control + A - select all (some text fields do not allow you to select all) ` - sends you to the command box directly (keeping your hands on the keyboard and avoiding the built in shortcut which is awkward) Windows + S - Sets the current window to stay "on top". All other windows will remain behind the tacked window(s). The same keys to remove this property. Alt + Right Button - a bit more convenient than that silly Ctrl + Y selection shortcut.

Advanced Features (the cool stuff): Control + Right Mouse Click - Opens a special menu that you can customize as needed. You can put favorite transactions in your txns.txt file and have quick access to them from anywhere in SAP. The same menu also provides access to the DocLog (more details on that in a second). Each file you click in the DocLog is transferred to your clipboard.

Control + Shift + Right Click - Captures the message on the screen from SAP. For example, if you create a PO, the message might be "PO 12345 created". When you control + shift + right click, the message is saved into your doclog.txt file, with the name of the transaction you were running, and the date/time. This will allow you to keep track of your testing - every time you press those keys (even if there isn't a number) the text will be saved. It's a sort of "this is what I did" log. Just remember to click!

Copy Cliboard to your DocLog - it's in the menu, but if you want to capture a large quantity of text, with a reference to where you got it, you can use this feature... (There's room for improvement but this allows you to bring ANYTHING into your doclog. Just copy it first.)